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Safety tips for hosts

Last Updated: May 04, 2015

A. Complete your listing

Before you start accepting inquiries, we recommend that you complete your profile. This will set the right expectations for potential guests.
Providing a detailed description of your place (e.g. location, points of interest, amenities, etc.). Share an accurate description about your place to avoid any misunderstanding with guests.

House rules 
Use this section to share your expectations with guests, like check in time and key exchanges or restrictions like number of guests, age of guests, rules on pets, etc.

It’s wise to have an insurance for your own protection for any unforeseen events. To understand your insurance coverage options, please check with your insurance provider.

Cleaning fees
Cleaning fees can help cover your cost to keep your place clean for your guests. You can add the cost of the cleaning fee with the total booking cost.

B. Choose your guests

Before you accept any booking requests, we encourage you to try to get to know your potential guests as much as possible. Follow these tips below to ensure that you gather as much information about the inquiring guests so that you feel comfortable welcoming them to your home. Remember that you can always decline a request if you don’t feel comfortable.

Read the guest references
After every successful stay, both you and your guest will be invited to share a review. This process is completely transparent, so all reviews – whether good or bad – will be displayed on the guest profile page.

Get to know your guests better
There are several ways you can find more information about your potential guests:

Guest profile page – Check their profile to see if they have verified contact details and social networks. You can also see references provided by hosts from their previous stay.

Ask the right questions – Don’t rush to accept any reservation request unless you feel secure. Take your time to get to know your guest and set down your rules and expectations clearly to avoid miscommunication. Remember, if you don’t feel comfortable, you don’t accept the reservation. It’s up to you!

Here are some questions you can ask your potential guests:

  1. What is the purpose of your trip?
  2. How many people are you travelling with? How old are they?
  3. Where are you travelling from?​​

C. Be Ready

Clear communication is key
To avoid any misunderstandings, provide guests with clear instructions on the house rules. For example, no pets and no parties are allowed, etc. You can add these to the house rules section of your listing page. We also recommend that you set expectations (e.g. no late checkout, etc.) upfront so you and your guest can avoid surprises.

Prepare your place
Reach out to your guests before their trip to arrange their check-in details. Make sure that your place is ready to accept your guests and will make their stay comfortable.
Secure your home
Remove or secure any valuable items or sensitive documents in your place. If possible, place these valuable items in a secure space that is inaccessible to guests.

Get some additional help
If possible, inform your neighbours that you will be hosting guests. This way, your neighbours won’t be worried seeing strangers in your home. If you are friendly with your neighbours, you can also ask them to be available in case of any emergencies.

Meet guests in person
It’s best to meet guests in person during check in. If you can’t meet them in person, you should have a friend or neighbour meet your guests.

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