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Last Updated: Apr 28, 2015
travelmob is now HomeAway.

For the last three years, the 50+ travelmobsters across product, engineering, marketing, sales and operations have been working hard to better serve our community of hosts and guests. We are proud to announce that travelmob has officially transitioned its brand, products, company name, and all of our efforts to HomeAway.
HomeAway, Inc. (Nasdaq: AWAY) is the largest online vacation rental marketplace in the world. When HomeAway acquired travelmob in 2013, both our hosts and guests have benefited from the collective global brand and reach. Hosts on travelmob have enjoyed an increased awareness and bookings on their listings from global travellers across HomeAway’s network. Our guests are also able to discover and book great vacation rentals across the globe. We believe this will not only make the transition complete, but it is a starting point to bigger and better things for our community.
What? Why? How? We know there are lots of questions and we will do our best to answer them all. Here are a few key things that we want to assure our users, but if you have any additional information, please contact us
Why change the brand, logo and name? 
The brand and name change will allow us to leverage the extensive network and brand presence that HomeAway has globally. That objective is to create a stronger brand across Asia Pacific - benefiting both our guests and hosts in our collective networks. We want to make sure that you discover the best vacation rentals across the globe with HomeAway. 
I’m a travelmob host, what changed?
For hosts, your listings will continue to be displayed as is. There is no change to the existing inquiry, booking, service fees and payment process. If you have an existing subscription to, find out how you can access your dashboard here.
I was a previous travelmob guest and have an account, what changed?
For guests, you can still access your account here.  There is no change to how you make inquiries or bookings on our site. You can still search for the accommodation that match your needs, contact the hosts, then book using our secure payment system. In fact, we have a lot more listings globally that you can now book on HomeAway Asia.
Do I need to setup a new account on HomeAway Asia websites?
Absolutely not. You can use your travelmob login account details to access your account on the HomeAway Asia websites.
I just booked an accommodation on travelmob. Will this brand change impact my booking?
Not at all. You can access your itinerary using the same login details as in travelmob. Don’t forget to bring a copy of your itinerary on your trip. More importantly, have fun on your holidays and safe travels!
As part of this transition, we've also updated our Terms & Conditions. Please take a moment to review them. By continuing to use HomeAway, you agree to comply with the updated terms.

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