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Last Updated: Oct 31, 2016
1. What is ‘Instant Booking’?
Instant Booking is a great feature on HomeAway that takes out the hassle in booking for an accommodation. Instant booking means immediate confirmation so that:
  • Travellers don’t have to wait for the owners to accept their reservation request
  • Owners can maximise earnings with less effort because it halves your time responding to multiple inquiries, and unlocks more listing capabilities!

2. How can I benefit from Instant Booking?
By enabling Instant Booking on your listing(s), you are looking at reaping the following benefits: 
  • Up to double the amount of bookings and revenue
  • Boost in search ranking results – resulting in higher exposure to your listing
  • Improved response rate – for higher listing/profile ranking on HomeAway
  • Higher efficiency in confirming booking, in an increasingly competitive market
  • Faster communication with guests as both sides will save time on the overall inquiry process
  • Committed guests – they will not be distracted by other options while waiting for your response
  • Overall better exposure on our global network and marketing promotion

3. Can I sync my calendar if the automatic sync has not been updated, and I am afraid of double bookings?
Yes you can. Simply log into your account, go to "My Reservation", and click on "Sync Now". This will automatically trigger the sync of your calendar across the systems. 

4. My property is listed across more than one platform. How do I ensure my property does not get overbooked?
You will need to ensure that you have synced your calendars across the different platforms your property is listed on. We also strongly advise you to regularly check your messages and ensure you select 'Sync' to make sure they are updated.

If you have not synced your calendars, we recommend you to do so. Learn more
5. Is it possible for me to only activate Instant Booking for a certain window period?
Instant Booking activation does not currently support seasonal activations or date filters. Should you not desire to accept instant bookings for a certain period, you will need to deactivate the function, which will affect your listing capabilities.
6. Am I allowed to review guests who book my properties via Instant Booking?
There is no formal guest filter currently in place. All guest reviews are transparent for you to get a better sense of your guests.
7. Is there a cut-off time to receive Instant Booking reservations?
There is no cut-off time for Instant Booking reservations at the moment. However, we are looking at implementing a cut-off period in the near future to avoid last-minute/same day bookings.
8. How do I qualify my other listings for Instant Booking?
Here at HomeAway, we pride ourselves on providing the best to both our owners and travellers. Instant Booking is rewarded to our best performing owners who have proven they also take pride in assuring the best quality for their business.
To qualify your other listings, you will need to meet the following criteria: 
  • Verified email address and contact number
  • Listing calendar to be synced with at least one other source (Airbnb, HomeAway, Google, iCal, Other,)
  • Achieve at least 1 completed booking and payout (per listing)
  • Maintain a response rate of more than 80%
  • Respond time of less than 24 hours
  • Maintain a booking acceptance rate of more than 80%

9. ​Can I have Instant Booking only for a few listings? 
Yes, you have control over how many listings you want to activate for Instant Booking. 

10. What will happen if I need to cancel a booking?
We want to ensure that all our guests have a wonderful experience with HomeAway, so we strongly discourage owners to cancel any confirmed bookings, that will mar their travel experience.
As part of our service quality control measures, any owner who cancels up to 3 or more Instant Booking reservations will be revoked of their Instant Booking status.

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