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Last Updated: Nov 02, 2018
Listing information, data and current bookings
As part of the upgrade, we will move the following information across from your HomeAway listing to your upgraded HomeAway listing:

Features and amenities*
Number of Beds*
Map location
Traveller reviews
Contact Details

*We are transitioning listing information in our current HomeAway site to the closest equivalent within the upgraded Homeaway platform. However, we recommend that you review and update the above in detail once you have activated your new dashboard

Listing ID/URLS
Your property number have been updated in order to make your listing compatible with the HomeAway network of sites.

You will be able to view your ID in each listing URL - an example is shown below:
Current ID: ‘tm-xxxxxx’
Updated ID: ‘p-xxxxxx’

New HomeAway Dashboard
Yes, it will look different from your current dashboard, and will contain more exciting features! Don't get overwhelmed by the changes though, and be sure to watch out for our emails to guide you through the new features.

Login via Two-factor authentication (2FA)
Two-factor authentication is an additional measure introduced to enhance the security of your HomeAway account. A time-sensitive randomly generated password, also known as a One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to you, at owner login. As a default, the OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number to validate your identity.

As such please ensure that the mobile number indicated in your HomeAway profile belongs to you, is up-to-date, and actively used.

Current bookings
You will still be able to access your current bookings on the previous site. Any bookings that have been made on the current site are still valid - please ensure that you do not make any cancellations.

All travellers will be notified to inform them of the site upgrade and where to access their confirmed bookings from the new site.

Additional Information on:
Account & Settings
Booking & Inquiries
Payments & Commissions
Mobile App

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