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I have a global HomeAway account

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2018
I already have an account on the global HomeAway site. Do I still need to go through this upgrade?
If you already have an account on, you would have received an email from us notifying you on your HomeAway Singapore account closure.

Consolidating all accounts into one single account will make it easier for you to manage your listings on a global level. As such, we recommend all partners with duplicate HomeAway accounts to manage their listings from

What will happen to my listings and reviews on HomeAway Singapore if I choose my global HomeAway account?
You will not be able to access or view listings and reviews from the account you do not select as your default. You will only be able to view the listings and reviews from the account you select.

I have a global HomeAway account, but it's registered under a different email address. Can I request for the accounts to be merged under one account? (as the listings are identical)
Accounts and listings under a different email address are considered separate users. We will not be able to merge these accounts.

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